Mumbai Promo Run of AFSF Satara Night Challenger Marathon

Jan 27th 2019

A promotional run for AFSF Satara Night Marathon took place in Mumbai on 27th Jan morning from Fort which was flagged off by ATS DCP Mr.Dhjananjay Kulkarni, Mr.Ram Venkatraman…

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Announcement of LSoM Leaders

Aug 1st, 2018

LSoM (Last Sunday Of The Month) 3/5/10 km Runs was the first initiative taken up by AFSF Foundation in 2016 to promote running as a fitness & family activity…

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AFSF Pune Promo Run

Feb 10th,2019

The 2nd edition of AFSF Star Of India Night Challenger Marathon 2019, India’s second largest Night marathon & India’s First & only biggest customized Marathon…

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2nd Press

Feb 2nd,2019

We are so very thankful and happy for the tremendous faith and response that you have shown in the AFSF team when it comes to AFSF Star of India Night Challenger Marathon…

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सातार्याचा आणखी एक अभिमान , सातार्याची नाईट मॅरेथॉन !!

Jan 10th 2019

साताऱ्याचे नाव मॅरेथॉन सिटी असे प्रसिद्ध झाले आहेच त्याच बरोबर महाराष्ट्रा ची पहिली आणि भारतातील दुसरी अशी नाईट मॅरेथॉन घेण्याचा मान हि सातार्याने पटकावला आहे , दोन जुनं २०१८ रोजी साताऱ्यात महाराष्ट्रातील पहिली नाईट मॅरेथॉन पार पडली होती…

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