We Manage Your Races or Sports Events.

Conceptulisation: Help you decide What , When, Where & How of your on ground or Virtual Marathon, Trithalon, Sports Championships or Fitness events.

Designing: Designing the posters, logo, & landing page for your event.

Promoting: Social Media Promotions, competitions, Ads & Video makings.

Registrations: Registration platforms & Registration Management.

Logistics: Tshirts, Caps, Bibs, posters, Timing apps etc.

Execution: We can help you execute the entire Actual / Virtual Event along with result declairation.

Media Coverage: TV , Radia, Print Media.

Data Management: Give you a complete analysis & insite on your data for next planning or sponsor benefits.

If you are an organization wanting to host a Sports/Fitness Event or Marathon,
we help you in: