Dont waste …. just Donate!!! Sports Kit Donation Drive :One of the many initiatives that we has taken in past two years to Contribute in a big way to build an ecosystem , to promote the fitness & Sports culture in our Indian society, especially younger generation.This Drive enables you to be a part of this big movement initiated by AFSF by simply donating your sports kits or equipments may it be balls, rackets, boards, skipping ropes, nets , shuttlecocks , skating shoes, cycles or any sports equipments in good/ usable condition to AFSF Sports Centers by registering here. Every Donar gets an AFSF Donor card, which can be used to avail special discounts/ Invites at certain AFSF events. Donors of bigger and costly equipment get a special AFSF Donor Badge.

When you register you get a unique registration id, which we use to track and collect the kit from you. Every Kit you donate will carry your registration id, and you will get a track on where and who is using your kit. Or which of the AFSF Sports Centre has your kit being used. Once you register, you can expect our team members to get in touch with you within a week and kit collection might take a period of 15 to 20 days ( depending on location and availability ).

Dont waste …. just Donate . Be a AFSF Sports Kit Donor